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Service Platform

With the installation of the Service Platform ready and the Descriptors already created is time to deploy our network service. To this end, you will need to fulfill a set of prerequisited described below.


  1. VNF images available in Openstack:

    Check that the CIRROS image is available in openstack, if not you can download from here:

  1. VIM configured in the Service Platform:

    After the installation of the SP, you need to attach a VIM. You need to login in the Service Platform and select Settings/VIM, as shown in the following figure.

To get the tenant router uuid you can go to openstack horizon dashboard and open the route: project -> network -> routers -> (select your router) -> Overview -> ID

To get the external network uuid you can go to openstack horizon dashboard and open the route: project -> network -> network -> (select your external net) -> Overview -> ID

  1. Check if the user have primary project assigned.

If not assign one at the end of the list in the menu.

  1. Network service descriptor on-boarded to the Service Platform:

    The package used in this guide is availabe in here
    You need to download and install tng-cli.

To install manually, with permissions:

git clone
cd tng-cli
python3 install

Configure SP through the SP_PATH env parameter:

export SP_PATH=<URL_TO_SP>

Upload the package

tng-cli package -u eu.5gtango.test-ns-nsid1v-sonata.0.2.tgo

Instantiating and terminating a Network Service

Service Check

In the Dashboard, in the Service Management tab, you can check the status of the instantiated services.

Once launched, you can see the status of the instantiation operation in the requests tab:

Finally, you can see you instances: